Here a list of software and data processed by me and the lab in the past years. Please follow our Github page for more up-to date developments.

  • DDX3 analysis, 2021
    A collection of processed datasets and code to reproduce most of the figures in Calviello & Venkataramanan et al, NAR, 2021. Written in R/Bioconductor

  • ORFquant, 2020
    R package for splice-aware detection and quantification of translation from Ribo-seq data. Written in R/Bioconductor

  • Ribo-seQC, 2019
    R package for comprehensive read counting and quality control of RNA-seq and Ribo-seq datasets. We will keep adding new features in the next coming months. Written in R/Bioconductor

  • RiboTaper (outdated), 2015
    Software to detect actively translated ORFs using spectral analysis - assisted Ribo-seq data analysis. Written in bash and R