LorenzoC Lorenzo Calviello
Group Leader
MSc: University of Pisa with Roberto Marangoni
Ph.D: MDC/BIMSB (Humboldt University) with Uwe Ohler
Postdoc: University of California San Francisco with Stephen Floor  
Email: calviello.l.bioatgmail dot com
Google scholar   CV 

Lorenzo is the PI of the Calviello Lab. He supervises the projects and the lab members while differentiating into senior PI

LorenzoC Marilena Mancino
Senior technician
MSc: University of Federico II, Naples
Ph.D: University of Eastern Piedmont - San Raffaele with Stefano Biffo
Postdoc: INGM - Milan
Research Technician: SR-TIGET
Email: marilena.mancinoatfht dot org

Marilena is the central pillar of the experimental lab, and we are extremely grateful for having her and her expertise on all things translation with us

LorenzoC Roberto Albanese
PhD student
MSc: University of Milan with Mattia Pelizzola
Bsc: University of Rome La Sapienza
Email: roberto.albaneseatfht dot org

Roberto works on resolving transcript-specific functions by analyzing different transcriptomics datasets, because genes are fundamental, but transcripts do the work!

LorenzoC Francesco Dossena
PhD student
MSc: University of Milan with Giuseppe Testa
Bsc: University of Milan
Email: francesco.dossenaatfht dot org

Francesco studies ways to quantify the many regulatory aspects acting on mRNA and translation, because the balance between creating and destroying is what makes the molecular cell so beautiful!

LorenzoC Stefano Grosso
Postdoc: MRC Toxicology unit, Leicester-Cambridge University, with Anne Willis
PhD: University of Eastern Piedmont - San Raffaele, with Stefano Biffo
MSc: University of Eastern Piedmont - San Raffaele, with Stefano Biffo
Email: stefano.grossoatfht dot org

Stefano works on profiling different ribosomal RNPs and the mRNAs they engage with, because different ribosomes can translate different mRNAs!

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